How To add domain alias in G Suite

Add more domains to your G Suite or Cloud Identity account

If you own other domains, you can add them to your G Suite or Cloud Identity account. You can also add a subdomain, for example,
Used to sign up for G Suite or Cloud Identity
(your primary domain)

Another domain you own

When you add another domain, you can give existing users email addresses at the domain or create new users at the domain.

Add the domain as an additional domain.
✓ Good for managing separate teams of users or businesses at different domains
✓ Create user accounts for the additional domain
✓ Each domain has a different set of users
✓ Users have their own G Suite or Cloud Identity account, email address, and mailbox for their domain

Example: Ann manages two separate teams. Each has their own domain. She adds as an additional domain in G Suite or Cloud Identity.

Each team member has their own email address, mailbox, and user account for their domain. She manages all domains and users in her Admin console at (her primary domain).

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