Download KMPlayer 64bit the best one for watching movies

KMPlayer is a world-renowned multimedia player that can play movies, dramas, music, and other content with an average of 1.5 billion plays a month. Supports various codecs and high-definition services such as 3D, 4K, UHD, and you can enjoy images with vivid image quality. In addition to playing large files smoothly, you can freely adjust the video screen and sound with advanced image processing functions such as noise reduction and super high speed mode.

Download KMPlayer 64bit the best one for watching movies

Play all the world's videos, KMPlayer! The new KMPlayer is a player optimized for high-end PCs such as 8K and 60FPS. It is a powerful player that plays all the files such as 4K, 8K, 60FPS, and has greatly improved performance to increase the playback speed of high quality content in high-end PC. We also removed all advertisements to provide the best viewing experience for our users, and reorganized them into a more streamlined menu structure.

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Key features

  • High quality video: You can watch high quality video such as 4K, 8K, UHD, 60FPS more vividly than any other player.

  • - It is possible to rotate the screen and play the high quality video using the more powerful Video Renderer.
  • - The latest high-quality video codecs such as HEVC (h.265), h.264, VP9 also use the hardware acceleration function, so CPU usage rate is very low, so you can enjoy high quality video even in low-end PC or multitasking environment.
  • - Support almost all video formats.
  • - Supports subtitles and Blu-ray image subtitles in various file formats (PGS subtitles, etc.).
  • - Supports Blu-ray Disc and DVD.
  • - YouTube download function: You can enter the YouTube URL and play and download right from KMPlayer. 'PC (64bit)'!
  • - GIF capture function: It is possible to capture the moving image by moving image (GIF format).
  • - Support for various languages ​​in 42 countries

System Requirements

Windows 10 64-bit, Direct X 9 or higher, 150Mb of installation space
Windows Vista 64-bit, Direct X 9 or later, 150Mb of installation space


  1. The new features of the multimedia player will allow you to view the images in the highest quality. The sound adjustment is due to the standard modes