How To Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate in Google Earth pro

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate in Google Earth

Download Google Earth Pro 7.3.3 May 2020

ActionShortcut (Windows & Linux)Shortcut (Mac)
Move leftLeft arrowLeft arrow
Move rightRight arrowRight arrow
Move upUp arrowUp arrow
Move downDown arrowDown arrow
Rotate clockwiseShift + Left arrowShift + Left arrow
Rotate counter-clockwiseShift + Right arrowShift + Right arrow
Tilt upShift then click and drag downShift + Down arrow
Tilt down
Shift + Up arrow
Shift then click and drag up
Shift + Up arrow
See first-person perspectiveCtrl then click and drag⌘ then click and drag
Zoom in++
Zoom out--
Zoom plus automatic tiltRight-click and drag up or downCtrl then click and drag up or down
Stop current motionSpacebarSpacebar
Reset to north-up viewnn
Reset to top-down tiltuu
Center Earthrr
Show/hide Overview windowCtrl + m⌥⇧⌘ + m